Saturday, July 31, 2010

How to Make a Football Cake - Touchdown!

"With or Without a Special Pan, Anyone Can Create a Football Cake


For a small gathering or a big crowd, a football cake scores big during the season. There are many options for baking and for decorating to help make the cake as important to the celebration as the game itself."

Click here for more on fun with football cakes...

Garden Weaving from a Guest Contributor

I wish I could claim credit for this lovely idea. Instead, I'll refer you over to a gifted lady who put together several small activities to create a lovely finished artwork. I think you'll enjoy the project and the lessons to be learned during the creation of the final hanging.

 Click here to view Ruth's delightful project

And of course, I have to add my two bits, right?

Depending on budget and time constraints, I could easily see this project in a variety of ways.

Laminate the finished work between two clear sheets to turn it into a place mat (for a full page project) or coasters (smaller projects).

Use other images for different study models: a forest scene woven with a close up of a single tree; a vegetable garden woven with a picture of a dinner plate; a pasture with cows woven with a picture of dairy products, a Bible scene woven with a picture of an open Bible. Ruth's project provides a great way to tie together source-and-product lessons.

Thanks, Ruth, for a great project!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

What can I do with Plastic Buckets?

Have you acquired a collection of large plastic pails? Put them to use as toys, storage or decorations. Here are some ideas:

"Projects Using Recycled Plastic 5-Gallon Pails": Click here

Here are a few more ideas:

Cut holes in the lid to create a game. 

Beanbag toss: Mark off an appropriate "tossing" distance on the floor using masking tape or duct tape: little ones might need just a few inches, older children a few feet.

Clothespin drop: Use smaller holes and have children stand with their toes against the bucket to drop the pins into the bucket.

Make a mini-compost bin

Poke 1/4" holes around the bucket at several levels to provide aeration. Line up several buckets to create a progressive compost, turning from one bucket to the next on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Create an automatic plant watering device

Run cotton cord from the bucket to one or more flower pots set lower than the bucket. Fill the bucket with water and plants will be watered slowly as water wicks from the bucket to the pots.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fleece Blanket Instructions, Tied and Otherwise

Although the weather is warm now, we know it won't stay that way. Fleece blankets or throws make nice gifts as well as being great for personal use.

I had assignments to write two articles on making fleece  blankets. You can read them here:

Fleece Tied Blanket Instructions: Click here

Directions to Make a Fleece Blanket: Click here

The first one requires no sewing, just cutting and tying. The second article offers several options for creating a fleece blanket.