Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quiet Time Games for Halloween

If a Halloween party is in your plans, you may want some 'quiet' games for the attendees. Here are a couple of word games to consider.

Halloween Word Find

Here is a Halloween-themed word find game. The first file is the game. It will fit on a single sheet of paper. The second file contains the solutions, if you need them.

For the puzzle, click here.

Click here for the solution to the puzzle.

Halloween Anagrams

Give the kids a piece of lined paper. Have them make as many words as they can from "All Hallow's Eve." Set the minimum word length to accommodate the age level of the children. Decide whether to accept plural forms as separate words. Award prizes based on most words, most unique words, longest word, etc.

Paper Pumpkins

With a large pumpkin outline and a handful of crayons, children can create a personalized jack-o-lantern without the danger of carving tools.

Twenty Tips for a Safe and Happy Halloween

"From kids to family pets, Halloween provides an exciting time. Sadly, that time can also lead to injury or death. Here are tips to help you protect those you love while having a great time."

Click here for ways to have a great Halloween.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Video about, the free sharing website

"If you've wondered about how to use or why you should use it, you'll enjoy this video. Take a grand tour of the egiva site and learn ways to use it to share what you have but don't need or find what you need but don't have. Craft supplies are only one of the categories on the site. Check it out!"

To view the video, click here.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Experiments on the Three Laws of Motion - Science Can Be Fun!

"Sir Isaac Newton's Three Laws of Motion form a basic platform of science in everyday life. These three laws of motion can be explained in ways that students of different ages can understand them, and apply their understanding to real-world experiences. Many simple experiments can be performed to demonstrate how these laws work. Discuss the implications of the experiments and ask students for other examples of the law to extend their understanding."

Click here for a group of fun experiments to show kids how Newton's Three Laws of Motion work in their lives.

Emergency Substitutions-Chocolate

"Even the most careful cook may find herself missing an ingredient in a recipe occasionally. Emergency substitutions can save a situation from becoming a disaster, particularly when the missing ingredient is a form of chocolate. Most forms of chocolate keep well for up to a year in a cool, dry place, according to Hershey's."

Save an inconvenient grocery run. Click here for detailed substitutions.