Saturday, September 25, 2010

Halloween Party Crafts-Easy-to-Adapt Halloween Crafts for a Bewitching Party

"Lots of children's games and crafts adapt nicely to Halloween with a few set changes. 'Pin the tail on the donkey' can become 'pin the tail on the black cat.' A simple bean bag toss game can become a ghostly game by drawing ghosts on the target board with their open mouths as the scoring goal. Look through craft catalogs and think about how you can adapt the projects to your own needs."

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Green Alternatives To Halloween Candy: Ten Ways to Have a Green Halloween Without Giving Up the Fun

Halloween candy contributes plastic bags and individual wrappings to landfills after the children have eaten themselves into sugar overload. Choose alternatives that teach or entertain, recycle items you may already have or create items for fun projects. Help children build good habits for tomorrow.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Share Your Bounty, Seek Your Needs at

Part of a crafty ministry is getting the things you need and giving away the things you don't need. A new free website gives people the opportunity to do just that!

With, a person can offer things she doesn't need but is willing to give away, and ask for things she does need. For example, Cathy Crafter may have odds and ends of yarn left over from a variety of projects. She offers them on and hears from Annie Artistic, who needs yarn for an upcoming project. Annie picks up the yarn and Cathy has some free space!

Later, Cathy realizes she needs styrofoam meat trays for her Sunday School class project next month. She posts a request on and hears from several people who have trays and will give them to her.

The use of is free and anyone can register. The site allows people to connect with others in their area to give and receive-furniture, clothing, extra produce from the garden, you name it. Check out the site and share the information with everyone you know.Your church, school, fraternal organization or neighbors can form an egiva group and you can be a member of more than one group.

You'll find more information here.

The site is here.