Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pocket Angels Crafts - Sharing a Crafty Ministry

"Do you have one or more Pocket Angels? You know, those coin-sized medallions with an image of an angel inscribed on it. They come with attached to a prayer or thought for you and bring encouragement.

If you have a couple and would like some ideas for things to do with them, check out this article that I wrote for I had a blast thinking up ways to use them."

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

DIY Graduation Gifts that Won't Break the Bank

"Let the graduate's skills, goals, awards and experiences guide you in planning a DIY graduation gift. Such a gift need not be expensive to demonstrate how happy you are for her."

Custom photo frame
Plain photo frame in desired size
Acrylic paint or sealant, for wood frames
Scrapbooking add-ons
Clear varnish or acrylic sealant
Optional: photo of graduate or family

Turn a plain photo frame into a special gift with the addition of images designed for scrapbooking. Incorporate the graduate’s interests, school colors or future plans into the design. Paint a plain wood frame or start with a simple finish.
Arrange the design elements around the frame. Once the layout satisfies you, secure them into place. Seal the design with clear varnish or acrylic and allow the frame to dry thoroughly.
Add a photo of the graduate which suits the theme of the frame for a unique and personal gift. If she will be going away following graduation, consider decorating the frame with images of favorite family activities and using a photo of the family.

Custom diploma frame
Matted document frame
Scrapbooking add-ons

Use scrapbooking add-on elements to decorate the mat around a diploma frame with images appropriate for the graduate. Look for lettering in school colors, images representing the subject of the degree or certificate or symbols of favorite activities.
This simple mat turns the frame into a personal representation of the student and allows him to hang the diploma or certificate on a wall instead of burying it in a drawer.

Cross-stitched wall hanging
Cross-stitching pattern depicting the subject of the degree
Cross-stitching pattern of letters for personalization
Fabric for stitching the design
Embroidery tools: floss, needles, hoop, scissors
Optional: mat and frame

If you have time to complete a cross-stitched hanging for the graduate, you’ll give something very special. Visit your local needlecraft or hobby shop for career-oriented patterns and add the graduate’s name, degree and date of graduation from basic lettering charts.
The adventurous crafter can graph a cross-stitched motto or adage or even a version of the diploma! Let your imagination guide you toward the perfect idea for your cross-stitched gift.

How to Make a Wishing Well Flower Holder from a Coffee Can

Don't throw away that empty coffee can. Use it to spruce up your place by turning it into a decorative flower holder. You can use it for artificial or real flowers. Perhaps best of all, you could use it as a project to spend time with children. Just cut the wood ahead of time to make it a safe children's project.

Detailed instructions here...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crocheted Shamrock Hot Pads - Protect Your Table with Style!

Put your Irish on the table with a pair of shamrock hot pads. It's an easy crochet project, suitable for a beginning crocheter who knows single and double crochet.

Click here for complete instructions.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Opposition skewers: No-stress snack for the Super Bowl or other sports-themed party

"Make these tasty finger foods ahead of time and you'll be free to enjoy the party, too! They're fun, easy and adaptable -- perfect for a sports themed party."

Sample signs for skewers

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