Saturday, July 31, 2010

Garden Weaving from a Guest Contributor

I wish I could claim credit for this lovely idea. Instead, I'll refer you over to a gifted lady who put together several small activities to create a lovely finished artwork. I think you'll enjoy the project and the lessons to be learned during the creation of the final hanging.

 Click here to view Ruth's delightful project

And of course, I have to add my two bits, right?

Depending on budget and time constraints, I could easily see this project in a variety of ways.

Laminate the finished work between two clear sheets to turn it into a place mat (for a full page project) or coasters (smaller projects).

Use other images for different study models: a forest scene woven with a close up of a single tree; a vegetable garden woven with a picture of a dinner plate; a pasture with cows woven with a picture of dairy products, a Bible scene woven with a picture of an open Bible. Ruth's project provides a great way to tie together source-and-product lessons.

Thanks, Ruth, for a great project!

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