Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quiet Time Games for Halloween

If a Halloween party is in your plans, you may want some 'quiet' games for the attendees. Here are a couple of word games to consider.

Halloween Word Find

Here is a Halloween-themed word find game. The first file is the game. It will fit on a single sheet of paper. The second file contains the solutions, if you need them.

For the puzzle, click here.

Click here for the solution to the puzzle.

Halloween Anagrams

Give the kids a piece of lined paper. Have them make as many words as they can from "All Hallow's Eve." Set the minimum word length to accommodate the age level of the children. Decide whether to accept plural forms as separate words. Award prizes based on most words, most unique words, longest word, etc.

Paper Pumpkins

With a large pumpkin outline and a handful of crayons, children can create a personalized jack-o-lantern without the danger of carving tools.

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