Sunday, October 4, 2009

BOGOGO -- Buy One-Get One-Give One!

One of the favorite tricks of retailers is to offer a "Buy One, Get One" special. Whether it be "buy one can of soup, get one free" or "buy one pair of shoes, get one at 50% off," the specials are all over. Sometimes you only need ONE. The second item may spoil before you can use it or there aren't any other shoes you need. Whatever the reason, you can turn that special into a ministry opportunity.

Food items: check out your local food pantry. Pretty much anything is needed these days, what with the economy the way it is. So take that second can of soup or gallon of milk or head of lettuce and bring it to your local church or civic food pantry. A few specify only non-perishable items if they have no means to refrigerate, but others will take anything edible.

Shoes, clothes: You may not need an extra pair of shoes or socks or another shirt. Someone does. Look for something practical and serviceable (sneakers are always good in shoes, T-shirts or jeans in clothing) and check your church clothing ministry. Your church doesn't have a clothes ministry? Check Christian radio sites such as or They frequently affiliate with missions ministries to collect shoes ( is one that comes to mind) or garments for those in need.

Knapsacks, backpacks,etc.: Got a free backpack and don't need it? Once again, look for Christian radio stations (and some secular ones as well) who partner with organizations to provide underprivileged school children with school supplies, including backpacks.

Do you see a pattern forming here? If you can get a deal on something you can pass on, it's a BOGOGO! So keep your eyes open for opportunities and places to use them. You'll be surprised how far a little BOGOGO can go!

Mary Beth

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