Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to be a Godparent - whatever your denomination

Many baby supply companies offer programs where you can register for samples and coupons for their products. You can begin before the child is even born. In the course of registering, they ask about your relationship to the baby or soon-to-be-born.

I started registering for these sites when a friend asked to stand as Godmother to her baby girl. They remind you of the baby's development and offer suggestions for appropriate toys and activities (mostly their own products, of course) as well as the previously mentioned samples and coupons.

Some of the products weren't appropriate for her baby, so I gave them to my church's ministry in support of the local Right-to-Life organization. They in turn distributed them to families in need.

When my "subscriptions" ran out (when my Goddaughter turned a year old), I realized I would be losing these resources for other children. I have since registered as Godmother to babies several times. Each of the items I receive gets prayed over and a prayer goes with it to the child who will get it. I consider myself Godmother to each of those children, even though I don't know their names.

If your congregation works with an organization dealing with children, you can be a Godparent, too. It's a solemn responsibility, but a great joy.

Mary Beth

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